Read between the lines, stop wasting your time.

Photo by Javi Mendoza on Unsplash

Schrödinger’s relationships

The new era brought us many exciting things: sex on the first date became acceptable, but talk with the person we are date for six months if they want to have a…

6 fun exercises to make your body stronger (good for beginners too)

Author’s picture. In the photo is James Spaulding, a certified personal trainer.

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Author’s photo. Photographer Abi Cernava.

“Express method” how to find out about them.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

45-year-old man feels happy after two years on the Mediterranean diet

Before and after. Photo by Julia Oren

Expand your wine comfort zone and surprise your friends

Photo: Adobe

Instagram: @theitalianwinegirl

Julia Oren

Certificated sommelier from Italy | Journalism&communication | Rome-New York

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