Read between the lines, stop wasting your time.

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“I’m not into him. But how I’m supposed to say that? I don’t want to hurt his feelings. He is a nice person.”

“She is so hot-and-cold, I don’t understand what she wants. It drives me nuts.”

“He says he likes my initiatives but never proposes anything first. I feel I need to chase him every time. “

© people who shared with me some of their experiences

Schrödinger’s relationships

The new era brought us many exciting things: sex on the first date became acceptable, but talk with the person we are date for six months if they want to have a…

6 fun exercises to make your body stronger (good for beginners too)

Author’s picture. In the photo is James Spaulding, a certified personal trainer.

Some people say that working out is boring. But even a little exercise can make you happier. Movements bring enjoyment to your body and, as a result, influence positively your mental health. The important part is A) to start and B) to continue.

“At the moment it is experienced, enjoyment can be both physically painful and mentally taxing; but because it involves a triumph over the forces of entropy and decay, it nourishes the spirit” — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

I would also add C) to make this process fun, like a game. Here are 6 exercises from James Spaulding, certified personal…

The less commercial, the better.

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Rosé has a history starting from Greater Greece, where people made vinification “a lacrima”, which means a teardrop. They placed red grapes in bags and pressed them delicately, so the juice starts to weep. Then they collected the grape must and kept it away from prolonged contact with skin (because the skin gives the color, not the pulp:)

Romans also knew rosé: they would put grapes in the special room where people pressed grapes with the feet. Instead of stepping, the grapes were compressed by their own weight, letting out the must. …

Does accessibility the Internet gives us actually ruin everything?

Author’s photo. Photographer Abi Cernava.

In the last edition of the influential Italian magazine about wine “Bibenda,” the President of Fondazione Italiana Sommelier Franco M. Ricci shared his concerns about what the culture of wine is becoming.

“Except for the fact that a student is wearing sleepers, I think there is nothing worse than the absence of the wine teacher. Wine is a serious thing. …

“Express method” how to find out about them.

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Recently I checked the last pictures of Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni and felt how my facial expression became skeptical while I scrolled through her Instagram feed. “She gave birth wearing makeup and having perfect wavy hair? Seriously, who on Earth gives birth looking so flawless? This is so false.”

Her face showed no exhaustion after the labor; she looked like a fresh peach in cute pink pajamas while holding her baby. Probably, this is what is called happy motherhood.

“How is it possible to look so stunningly good? It’s a hospital, not a vacation in the Bahamas” — I…

45-year-old man feels happy after two years on the Mediterranean diet

Before and after. Photo by Julia Oren

When I saw my future hubby for the first time, I thought, “Holy cannoli, where do they bake such fine pies?” This tall, wide-chested handsome man resembled a mighty bear. His navy-colored t-shirt was slightly tight on his biceps. “Somebody goes to the gym more often than I do. He can be a good influence on me”.

Soon I found out that he indeed likes to go to the gym, but not someone who would hit it 7 days a week. He enjoys wine and always has a good appetite. …

Expand your wine comfort zone and surprise your friends

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- Shall we get some Pinot Noir? — asked Stephanie.

- Didn’t know you are such a big fan of it.— I spent last year in the USA and noticed that many Americans often choose it over other varieties with similar properties. I was wondering why.

- Well, I kind of used to Pinot. — she replied. — I just don’t really know what else to choose. I don’t like strong wines, with a lot of… how they called? Tannins. So I stick to what I know.

“I just don’t really know what else to choose.”

“I stick to what…

Have you ever bought a product, that you were thinking was special? But can we always trust what is written on the label?

Laura Donadoni is an international certified sommelier, wine judge, journalist and PR agency owner answered on 5 questions about possible marketing traps which you guys sent me on Instagram.

Instagram: @theitalianwinegirl

1. Which are the signs in order to understand that wine is bs in the USA?

In general the more information there are on the label, the better.

The EU regulation is stricter in what should be stated on the label, but for both, for foreign and domestic…

What do Kylie Jenner and Bordeaux wine have in common? Except for being nice medium-to-full-body.

First, you probably heard about both of them, even if you live under the rock with no internet.

Second, you might have an opinion formed on things you’ve heard, even against your will.

I asked yesterday “what is the worst cliche you have heard about Bordeaux wine?”. These are the funniest and very common:

1. “It’s all reds” — because the Bordelais were so bad at making good limpid white wine a few decades ago, they sacrificed those varieties for reds, which were more request…

Labels DOC * and DOCG ** on the neck of a bottle do not mean quality themselves, it means control, the rules prescribed in the law on the production of wines according to certain standards. First they appeared in 1963, guaranteeing territorial origin to protect and raise the level of Italian winemaking. It should be understood that then the wine was not the same as it is now. For the most part, it was low-quality table wine, which today not everyone would like to try even out of interest.

Since that time, production technologies have constantly improved, which also affected…

Julia Oren

Certificated sommelier from Italy | Journalism&communication | Rome-New York

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